Why We Serve:

As a part of a BYU education, the Student Service Association’s vision is to be leaders centered on Jesus Christ, who contribute to the building of Zion communities which are united in heart and mind that there be no intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, or physically poor among us.

How We Serve:

BYUSA focuses the time, talents, and energy of hundreds of student-volunteers into seven areas of service—AIMS (Art, Interests, and Music) Activities, Clubs, Communications, Involvement, Student Advisory Council, Student Honor, and Y-Activities (BYU experience focused). Volunteers in each area form committees to research, plan, and execute different programs, events, and initiatives aimed at serving the student body in specific ways.    

Who We Serve:

BYUSA is an organization run by students for students. The Homecoming Dances, Clubs Night, Involvapalooza, Honor Week, True Blue Tuesdays, and BYUnity are just a few of the major events and programs brought to you by BYUSA.    

Come Find Out More:

Come in and visit us for a tour of the BYUSA office and more information on how you can help serve!

Office: 3400 WSC

Phone: 801-422-3901

Hours: M – F from 3pm – 5pm