Presidential Initiatives

1. Expand Opportunity

  • Transform BYU/SA into the “involvement hub” of the university to help all students connect with meaningful involvement and leadership opportunities across campus.
  • Create a student calendar accessible online and through the BYU app that will allow students to be aware of student activities on campus and find activities that fit their personal preferences.

2. Empower Change

  • Work with the mayor’s office to address predatory towing and booting practices in Provo.
  • Accurately represent the student voice to the administration by filling the Student Advisory Council with capable, diverse and responsive individuals.

3. Elevate Experience

  • Create the tradition of a major end-of-year concert for students.
  • Work with BYU Athletics to enhance the game-day experience for students by unifying the student section, plan pre-game events and work with the city to “BYU-ify” Provo.