These are just some of the questions that people commonly ask!  If you have more questions, you can fill out a form under the "Be Heard" tab of the menu bar, or email byusa@byu.edu!

What is BYUSA?

The BYU Student Service Association is the premier student-run association on campus. BYUSA is dedicated to serving the BYU student body and advising the BYU administration. Each year an election is held for the Student Body President and Executive Vice President. BYUSA acts as a student voice to the President’s Council (President Samuelson and the BYU vice presidents). Also, as a service organization, volunteers in BYUSA organize activities such as Homecoming Dances, Guitars Unplugged, The Unforum and Meet the Deans. Other volunteers research student concerns and work with administrators to resolve those concerns. BYUSA also houses a large portion of BYU’s student clubs. BYUSA is entirely student run by unpaid volunteers.

Where are the BYUSA offices?

3400 WSC, which overlooks the WSC Terrace.

How can I join BYUSA?

You’re already in! Every student at BYU shares a commitment to serve others. BYUSA belongs to you, so come get involved! Volunteer opportunities are listed on the Get Involved database. In the upper right corner, click log in and start looking for something that interests you. After applying for a position, a BYUSA volunteer will contact you with more information. At any time, please come visit the BYUSA office, 3400 in the Wilkinson Center. BYUSA officers and most volunteers are in the office between 2 and 5 p.m.

Does it cost to join BYUSA?

No, though some BYUSA clubs do have some minimal fees to join.

Does BYUSA sponsor activities?

Yes, BYUSA sponsors activities throughout the year.

Does BYUSA sponsor clubs?

Yes, more than 60.

How do I sign up for clubs?

You can join a club by signing up at a club booth or attending a club meeting. Email the club president and ask for more information (president emails can be found on the clubs page).

How do I start a club?

View these instructions or visit with a member of the BYUSA Clubs area staff.

Does my new club need to be approved by BYUSA?

If it is a BYUSA club, yes. If it is sponsored by another department, no.

What is the Student Advisory Council?

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) is a representative body of students from various groups that serves the BYU community by accurately representing student opinion to the administration, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions. SAC also reports the opinions and viewpoints of administration on current conditions to the students, enhancing their ability to understand campus policy.

SAC also organizes programs that enable students to voice their opinions in order to help the council effectively represent the student opinion to the administration. These programs include Q&As, Bright Ideas, campus surveys and focus groups.

How can I participate in SAC?

SAC is always looking for volunteers to help out in the various programs and activities such as Q&As, Bright Ideas and Meet the Dean. Volunteer with the council by selecting SAC as your area preference on the Get Involved database.

Are there other BYUSA officers?

Yes, the Campus Activities Vice President oversees the planning and implementation of various activity-oriented events for the association.

The Clubs Vice President directs the chartering of campus clubs and the training of club officers to ensure the success of the clubs and involvement of students.

The Communications Vice President works to strengthen relationships between BYUSA and the BYU community. This member of the BYUSA Presidency heads outreach efforts for BYUSA and is in charge of media relations for BYUSA.

The Student Advisory Council Vice President chairs the council and is the spokesperson for the council in the presidency. As chair of SAC, this vice president sets the agenda for the council meetings and reports the council’s recommendations through channels to appropriate university personnel. The SAC Vice President organizes the members of the council and other students into committees, appointing chairpersons and assigning duties.

What are the requirements to run for President or Executive Vice President?

Basic Qualifications

  1. Good Honor Code Standing – Observance and support of the Church Educational System Honor Code, including its Dress and Grooming Standards. Candidates must have a current Ecclesiastical Endorsement.
  2. Good Academic Standing – Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00. Transfer students must have a cumulative BYU GPA of at least 3.00.
  3. Full-time Student Status – Enrollment as a current full-time (12 hours or more) student at BYU at the time of application and election.
  4. Service-Leadership Experience – Minimum of two semesters of BYU leadership experience prior to the elections. The two semesters of service-leadership cannot be obtained in one semester (i.e. serving as a SAC Rep and a club president). Candidates for President and Executive Vice President must each meet this requirement. The service-leadership requirements can be met in one of the two following ways.
    1. Option A – two semesters of BYUSA service. Two complete semesters of service leadership within BYUSA in providing over 40 hours of service (i.e. program director of major activity, club president, SAC representative, etc.)
    2. Option B – one semester of BYUSA service and one semester of BYU leadership experience. One complete semester of service-leadership within BYUSA in providing over 40 hours of service (i.e. program director of major activity, club president, SAC representative, etc.) and one full semester of service at BYU equivalent to or above the BYUSA required level. Qualifying positions are listed in the application.