2013 Results

Tracie Farrell

Tracie Farrell is an attentive friend to all, a dedicated disciple of Christ, a committed employee, and a bright and capable student. While one of the few girls in the rigorous Finance Program, Tracie continually receives high scores on tests and assignments. Tracie works at the BYU Bookstore as the head Accounting Clerk. Her ability with numbers and finance, as well as her care for detail, has made her such a vital employee and top student. Even with such a demanding school and work schedule, Tracie still goes through the effort to make time for friends. Tracie knows the importance of family and demonstrates it by finding time to be with them. The oldest of 4 and the only daughter in her family, Tracie takes care of her little brothers and treats them with the perfect amount of love, humor, and patience. Beyond all this, Tracie has a testimony of Christ and lives her testimony. Being in a competitive program, Tracie is willing to help other students understand concepts, but will not jeopardize her integrity. She understands principles and has a firm testimony she is more than willing to share, but is humble in all these things. She has given so much to BYU to her friends, her family, and to her Savior.



Matt Moen

Matt is an all star – the son of a preacher, he joined the church following high school and then served his mission in Colombia. Matt transferred to BYU after a playing college football in Washington State. Despite lower than average transfer scores and grades, he has shined while at BYU and achieved academic excellence simply through determination and hard work. Matt is now majoring in Economics and minoring in Statistics and Strategy. He currently serves as an institute leader for his stake and has greatly increased attendance through his contagious energy and passion. He is an example of rising above the odds. Since he's been at BYU, he has influenced everyone he has met for good and is always lifting others with compliments and genuine interest. He is always reaching out to others. It is not uncommon to see him crossing the street multiple times a week with his hands full of food or nice notes he has made for those he home teaches or anyone else in need. He leads weekly singing visits on Sundays to an elderly care home in Provo where he knows each of the residents by name.  Matt's actions are rarely publicized and see little spotlight. He deserves recognition for his many acts of kindness.



Nate Sumbot

Nathan is in his second year at the J. Reuben Clark Law School. During his time at BYU, Nathan has organized and participated in many acts of service, and has shown a dedication and genuine love for people.  As an undergraduate, Nathan was very active in the Brigham Young University Student Service Association in the communications department. He was an executive director for over a year, worked as a Resident Hall assistant both at Heritage Halls and Wyview housing and also worked as a camp director for the Foundations of Leadership camp. In all of these capacities, he blessed the lives of many, made innumerable friends and had a powerful effect on many lives. It is clear that he genuinely loves and cares about those he served and they love him. Additionally, he has been a great leader at the law school.  Not a day goes by that Nathan does not help a student understand a concept, or take the time to make a friend.  He also participates in the Law School's 5th Grade Mentoring program, in which students from a local elementary spend time with a law student once a week. Nathan puts such an emphasis on people.  He is always concerned with helping people feel better about themselves, and helping them to understand their worth. Many students do not make the time like Nathan does. Nathan has devoted his time at Brigham Young University to service.



Courtney Davies

Courtney is a fantastic ideal of a BYU student. She is excelling in her Nursing program through consistent and dedicated work. The letter B has never appeared on her transcript in any way! She reaches out to her classmates and develops strong bonds of friendship and academic encouragement. She rejoices when her fellow students do well, and helps them if they approach her for it. As a nursing student, she gets to travel around the community – including Tonga this Spring – spreading her infectious smiling personality. She makes great connections with the patients she interacts with and represents the BYU Nursing program with honor. Her desire to reach out to others is altruistic, as even before she was admitted to the nursing program she took a humanitarian trip to India to serve victims of leprosy. There she made deep and lasting connections with those wonderful people. Despite her challenging workload, she finds the time to contribute to the financial state of her family by working in the computer labs at BYU. She also magnifies her calling as a Webelos Den Leader in the Cub Scout program. Overall, Courtney is having a big impact at school, work, and in her community. She brightens the day of those around her, and represents everything that BYU stands for. She has really entered to learn, and has already begun to go forth to serve.



Marvin Gardner

Brother Gardner has impacted and inspired many students throughout his career at BYU. The amount of work Brother Marvin Gardner gives to each class and individual student is remarkable. He actually cares about each student, their lives and future after they graduate. Brother Gardner has sacrificed much time to make sure his students receive the best learning experience from his classes. Many students at Brigham Young University will be forever changed for the better because of his hard work and dedication to the students and their education. He is a professor that truly deserves recognition for the extra work he puts in to making education and BYU a better experience.