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Students Serving Students

Welcome to BYUSA!

BYUSA is a part of the Student Connection and Leadership Center. As BYU's Student Service Association, our goal is to help you create meaningful connections, foster an inclusive campus, and create leaders as we serve students. We conduct research, host entertaining events, and run empowering initiatives inspired by our student volunteers to make campus a better place year after year. Learn more about what we're doing here on the website or visit our instagram @byusa.
Use to get the latest on BYU and the Corona Virus

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The Student Connection and Leadership Center inspires BYU students to create lasting connections, foster an inclusive campus, cultivate skills and talents, and live with integrity.

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Our mission is to provide Christ-centered leadership opportunities and create meaningful student- focused experiences.


Have a great Summer! Come back here in the Fall to keep up with BYUSA Events!

BYUSA is comprised of four unique areas where you can get involved. Check out their pages by clicking on the links in the menu!

COVID-19 Update

The Student Connection and Leadership Center and BYUSA areas are open! Our office is open from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. If you are visiting our office, university COVID-19 policies and procedures will be followed. Please visit
for the most up to date information on those guidelines.

Some events sponsored by our organizations have been approved within the BYU guidelines. You can find those events on specific area’s website and our Facebook and Instagram pages. If you plan on attending these events, please adhere to the university policies and procedures to attend a campus event. We look forward to seeing you!

We welcome your questions and are ready to assist you. Please contact us at 801-422-3901 and

Share your BYU Experience!

We care about YOU and want to hear your voice. This year The BYUSA President and EVP will be hosting open, virtual office hours. We wish we could visit you in person!

Time: Every Wednesday 1:30-2:30pm

BYUnify Interviews
To kick off this year's theme of BYUnify, we interviewed these students from different colleges on campus to hear what they were working on during the Spring and Summer Quarantine! We were amazed by what you are doing here at BYU.
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Rachel Chapman.mp4
Lexi Sayer.mp4

Alex & Robert.mp4
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